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Katheron Intson

Rare families need a tool that can tell you what meds already on the market are helpful and which ones are not helpful, or even making things worse. I heard this from family after family, so we built Varient.

A letter from our CEO

Dear Rare Disease Warrior,

A few years after I started in my PhD lab, we started getting contacted by the families of children who had variants to the gene GRIN1. I came to understand that one of the most helpful resources for rare groups is dialogue between families about medications that help treat their symptoms. Families will often take this information to their doctors, and after some due diligence from our treasured clinicians, treatments will be changed for the better.

Varient is free, private, and objective. We will provide the proof to pharma companies, researchers, and all those with an interest in developing treatments for rare disease patients, that there are real people and real numbers that need better medicines – or cures. For those of you who might want to be part of those clinical trials, we will connect you. We will never sell your data to insurance companies, or anyone else whose interests do not serve you. Your trust is everything.

We hope that you will find Varient helpful, that we can rise to the occasion, the same way that you have.

-Kath Intson, CEO, Varient; PhD Candidate, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

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